How Much Should SEO Cost?

“Justifying the costs of SEO can be difficult for any business, and in an industry riddled with snake oil, it can be even harder to know whom to trust and how much to spend. Instead of obsessing over price, what you should focus on is finding a SEO professional that is transparent and that you can trust. I always work alongside my clients budgets, fostering a relationship of mutual success and growth.”


SEO Consultants
SEO Agencies
SEO Freelancers

(Source: Ahrefs)

The Three Types of Providers

The cost of SEO services varies: consultants are pricier, agencies come next, and freelancers are often the most affordable. Pinpointing an exact cost is challenging due to significant variations across these categories, largely dependent on their years of experience.

If price is the primary concern, freelancers are the cheapest overall. However, prioritising price isn’t wise. Buying cheap may result in less-than-ideal returns, while expensive services don’t guarantee the best results. The key is finding a balance between your needs and the provider’s experience, approach, and added value. Many providers follow a standardised approach, juggling multiple clients, which can lead to inconsistent service. It’s crucial to strike the right balance for a successful partnership.

Retainer vs Project-Based SEO

SEO is usually provided on either a monthly retainer or a per project basis. Retainer-based SEO means you’re signing up for ongoing help every month, which gives room for adjusting strategies and building a long-term relationships. This approach recognises that SEO takes time to show results, but it allows for staying adaptable to changes.

On the other hand, project-based SEO is like a one-time deal, where you get specific tasks done within a set timeframe. It’s good for clear, short-term goals but might not be as flexible. Considering the constantly changing nature of search engines, many argue that the ongoing support and adaptability of a retainer make it a better choice. If you’d like a perfect analogy as to why, check out my post on LinkedIn; otherwise, explore my article below.

How Do I Add Value?

As your dedicated freelance SEO specialist, I tailor my work to meet your website’s monthly needs, adjusting strategies on the go to align with your budget and objectives. I charge a fixed rate of £75/hr, distinguishing myself from other SEO professionals by consistently bringing added value to your business.


I operate on a monthly retainer basis without fixed-term contracts, providing clients the freedom to opt out each month.


I not only do the work, but I also offer free training for my clients, empowering them to be in control of their website and future SEO efforts.


My job is to become an expert in your field. I work with a limited number of clients to ensure dedicated hours for effective outcomes.


I charge only for productive hours spent on SEO. Any additional hours spent on research & monitoring is provided at no extra cost.

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