Alex Theurer

Cheltenham SEO Freelancer

Looking for reliable SEO services in Cheltenham?

My name’s Alex and I’m your freelance SEO specialist in Cheltenham. With over 6 years of digital marketing experience, I have a bunch of skills that help me deliver great results for my clients.

Whether you’re a recruitment consultancy, construction company, or a professional mermaid (hey, no judgment!), I’ve got what it takes to boost your online presence, help you establish a brand, and bring in those sweet sales.

Solutions Beyond the Traditional SEO Agency in Cheltenham

Breaking away from the mould of agencies with fixed costs and cookie-cutter tactics, I specialise in offering personalised SEO solutions designed for your business. Through an in-depth analysis of your site, target audience, and competitors, I’ll create a tailored strategy that delivers exactly what you need.

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On-Page SEO

If you need on-page SEO in Cheltenham, I can help!

From finding the right keywords that will attract hot prospects to optimising the meta-data, URL, and content structure, to even internal & external linking as well as structured data and mobile optimisations, I know how to create a webpage that ranks well and converts customers.

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Off-Page SEO

Cheltenham off-page SEO is all about getting involved.

I’ll dive deep into your industry and find out who’s who and what’s what, both online and locally. We’ll develop a tailored formula for building strategic businesses connections and securing high-quality backlinks to boost your authority. I’ll also let you know where your customers can be found, how you can engage with them, and I’ll make sure your website is interconnected seamlessly across the web.

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Local SEO

I’ll be your guide to local SEO in Cheltenham.

Want to become the local hero within your industry? Then follow my lead! I’ll optimise your local profiles such us Google My Business, help you build meaningful citations, and tailor the font- and back-end of your website to capture local searches. I’ll also implement best practices for encouraging reviews and use my skills to ward off negative publicity.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO in Cheltenham? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Well, except for me! I’ll make sure your website is lightning fast, secure, and that can be easily crawled and indexed. I’ll also work my magic to implement structured data mark-up, fix broken links, and improve the UX of your website so that it has a user-friendly design.

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SEO Training

Tired of outsourcing? Then consider Cheltenham SEO training services.

Whether you’re starting out, you already have experience, you’re one person, or you are in a group, I will teach you everything I know, saving you years of study. Mine is an industry full of snake-oil and misinformation – I’m fixing to change that and shine some light on this shady subject.

Why Is SEO Important?


…of people start their online journey with a search engine.


…of all search engine users can be found on Google.


…of website traffic  comes from organic searches.


…of organic searchers click on the top 3 results.

Cheltenham SEO Agency

Affordable Cheltenham SEO Solutions

It’s no secret that SEO agencies charge more than freelancers. Sure, there are some great agencies out there, but more times than not they pile on fixed costs and use generic strategies that generate just enough results to keep you invested.

As an SEO freelancer, I have a strict number of clients I can work on at any given time, focusing on quality over quantity. My goal is to become an expert in your field and understand your clients’ and your own desires. I will work as a direct extension of your business, delivering exactly what it needs, fostering a relationship of mutual growth and success. Best of all, there are no fixed term contracts.

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Just share your name, your website link, and a quick summary of what you want to achieve with your website’s visibility on search engines. I’ll get back to you with a simple plan to make it even better. Let’s chat about boosting your online presence!

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